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Are you a Business Owner who want to double or triple your business in the next 12 months? If you’ve been plateauing, if you’ve been receding, and you want to change all that, I will help you diagnose what is actually going on for you in a free double your business coaching session.

In this session I’m going to help you…

create a crystal clear vision for ultimate business success in 2023 and beyond,

uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your business processes, your sales and marketing, your even your team building, and

you will leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to get your business growing faster and easier than ever before.

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Here’s what some of our previous clients have to say:

Tobias Warnecke finally feels fulfillment as CTO again

“I'm now finally managing the balancing act between technical and entrepreneurial competence – and as a result I'm having a lot more fun shaping the company again. For me, the biggest advantage of the coaching itself was that we didn't do consulting by template, but had a completely individual dialog. This enabled us to quickly find practical solutions that we implemented directly.”
Tobias Warnecke
Founder & CTO of Hanse Mondial GmbH
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Indra Zahner has doubled her annual turnover after 5 months

“After 5 months, my annual turnover has doubled and my investment in coaching has already more than paid off. The weekly meetings made a difference. I implement and that ultimately led to my results. Crucial for me was the switch “from little girl” to real entrepreneur. My work is now better appreciated and also better paid. The coaching has made me a better entrepreneur!”
Indra Zahner
Managing Director Social Media Office
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Sofia Gertzen is now a full-time entrepreneur and has reached her growth target

“We have more freedom, more clarity and we are in a better situation! We now approach things in a more structured way and know which topics have which priority and what that means in practical terms for the whole team. A year ago, there was simply no such thing. If someone with more experience accompanies you through the process, you simply reach your goal faster. I can only recommend coaching with better business.”
Sofia Gertzen
Founder & Managing Director of miraminds GmbH
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